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The Pasterkamp lab is embedded in the Department of Translational Neuroscience of the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht. Our lab is part of the Brain Center Rudolf Magnus.

The UMC Utrecht is located on De Uithof. De Uithof is a large campus area located on the east of Utrecht, near the Galgenwaard Stadium of FC Utrecht. Except for the faculties of Law, Humanities, and University College, which are located in the inner city of Utrecht, most of the buildings of the University and UMC Utrecht are on De Uithof. De Uithof also contains the the main university library, student housing, botanical gardens, and a supermarket.

Information on how to reach the lab can be found on this


If you have suggestions or questions about our research, job opportunities, internships or our website please contact:

Jeroen Pasterkamp

Department of Translational Neuroscience 
University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht
Huispost STR 4.203

Rm STR 4.229  
Universiteitsweg 100
3584 CG, Utrecht
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 88 7568831
Fax: +31 88 7569032

This address can also be used as a shipping address for FedEx shipments etc. Please provide us with the tracking number once you have send the package so it can be directed within the UMC Utrecht to our department.