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August. PlexinA auto-inhibition revealed in Neuron. Preview in Neuron by Xuewu Zhang and colleagues.

August. Review on circRNAs and neuronal development in Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience

August. New ALS genes in Nature Genetics

August. 4th Utrecht Summerschool 'Neural circuit development and plasticity'

June. Former labmember Max Koppers receives Rubicon grant

May. PhD defense Eljo van Battum on axonal biology

May. Two oral presentations at ENCALS meeting in Milan

May. Pasterkamplab hosts BCRM X-talk on 'Stem cell & genome editing'

May. Analysis full C9orf72 KO mouse in Acta Neuropathologica

May. Interactomics analysis of ALS proteins in Acta Neuropathologica

May. PhD defense Max Koppers on genetics and mouse models in ALS  

May. PhD defense Anna Blokhuis on interactomics and ALS

May. New iPSC-generated model for MMN in Annals of Neurology

March. ALS, a heterogeneous disorder in Ned Tijdsch Geneeskunde

March. Large-scale screening in sporadic ALS in Neurobiology of Aging 



December. Former labmember Susan van Erp receives EMBO fellowship

December. Lrig2 regulates guidance receptor shedding in Developmental Cell, selected as Editor's Choice in Science Signaling ( Selected by F1000.

December. Sema7A in dendritic cell migration in Journal of Immunol

December. TRIM46 in neuronal polarity in Neuron

October. Frizzled3 regulates striatal pathway development in Journal of Neuroscience

July. Jeroen Pasterkamp and Casper Hoogenraad receive Dynamics of Youth Seed Money grant

July. Utrecht Summerschool 'Neural Circuit Development and Plasticity', July 13-17

June. Article in Contact ( on the use of Stem Cells in ALS research

June. Jeroen Pasterkamp, Jan Veldink, Michael van Es en Leonard van den Berg join the New Amsterdam Cityswim (Hudson river, New York)

June. Loss of C9orf72 does not cause ALS-like phenotypes in Annals of Neurology

June. Jeroen Pasterkamp, Corette Wierenga and Casper Hoogenraad receive UU investment grant for the MIND facility

May. Role for Sema7A in neuroglial plasticity in Nature Communications

April. Jeroen Pasterkamp and Dianne van den Heuvel receive grant from Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds

March. Axon guidance proteins in neurological disease in Lancet Neurology

March. PhD defense Susan van Erp on miRNAs, Neogenin and the cerebellum

February. Jeroen Pasterkamp receives NWO VICI grant

January. Srp9 as an epilepsy gene in Ann Clin Transl Neurol

January. Danielle van Rossum is awarded a Graduate School position

January. Former lab member Ewoud Schmidt receives Rubicon grant and EMBO 



October. PasterLab outing in Stavelot, Belgium

September.  Review on Semaphorin signaling in Development

July. Subdomain-specific innervation of the habenula in Neuron

July. MICAL-1 in mossy fiber lamination in Nature Communications

July. C9orf72 and UNC13A in ALS and FTD in Annals of Neurology

June. Jeroen Pasterkamp a.o. receive grant from Dutch Epilepsy Foundation

May. Jeroen Pasterkamp and Leonard van den Berg receive grant from ALS foundation

May. CAMSAP2 in axon specification and dendrite development in Neuron

April. (Epi)genetic signatures of IPSC dopamine neurons in Stem Cell Reports.

April. PhD defense Ewoud Schmidt on the development of dopaminergic connectivity.

March. BICD2 in cerebellar development in Nature Communications

March. PhD defense Ewout Groen on role FUS in ALS.

March. Oratie Jeroen Pasterkamp - "Tussen kennis en kliniek".

January. Effects shRNAs on microRNA biogenesis in Gene Therapy.


December. DCC in adolescence and psychiatric disease in Transl Psychiatry.

October. Neuronal characterization KIF21A  in Developmental Cell.

October. ATXN2 as an ALS risk factor in Trends Molecular Medicine.

October. EMBO meeting on Semaphorins in Paris, France. Organized by Alain Chedotal, Alex Kolodkin and Jeroen Pasterkamp.

October. Neuronal miRNA profiling in PloS One.

September. Start of FP7 EpiMiRNA consortium on the role of miRNAs in epilepsy.

August. Utrecht Summer School 'Neural circuit development and plasticity' organized by Pasterkamp and Hoogenraad labs.

June. Structural insight into RGM-Neogenin signaling in Science.

June. Unc5 haploinsufficiency in the dopamine system in EJN.

June. Protein aggregation in ALS in Acta Neuropathologica.

May. FUS and SMN in ALS in Human Mol Genetics.

April. Two SnapShots on Axon Guidance in Cell.

April. Jeroen Pasterkamp appointed as Professor of Translational Neuroscience.

March. Ryk and Wnt5a in dopaminergic axon guidance in Stem Cells Dev.

March. Special issue 'Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology' on Semaphorins edited by Jeroen Pasterkamp.

March. Sema7A review in Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology.

Februari. PhD defense Dianne van den Heuvel on Neogenin signaling.

Februari. RGM and Neogenin expression in PloS One.

Februari. HDAC2 in cortical migration in PNAS.

January. Jeroen Pasterkamp receives grant from IPF.


October. Endocannabinoid function in the Journal of Neuroscience
August. Expression profiling in the dopamine system in Biology Open.
August. Review on semaphorins in Nature Reviews Neuroscience.
April. Genome-wide miRNA screen in epilepsy in Cell Mol Life Sciences.
April. FMR1 repeats and ALS in Neurobiology of Aging.
April. NIPA1 repeats and ALS in Human Mol Genetics.
March. Video protocol on collagen assays in JoVE.
February. Genetics of ALS in 'Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis', Ed. MH Maurer.
February. Leo van Halewijn works 40 years at the Department!

January. UNC13A is a modifier of survival in Neurobiology of Aging.

January. Semaphorins in Encyclopedia of Life Sciences.

January. Pasterkamp lab participates in Marie Curie ITN consortium 'NPlast'.


December. PhD defense Asheeta Prasad on Wnt/PCP signaling.

November. VCP mutations in ALS in Neurobiology of Aging.

November. PhD defense Rou-Afza Gunput on Sema3 function and signaling.

Oct. KNAW colloquium on "Neural circuit development and plasticity"

Oct. CSH Asia meeting "Assembly, Plasticity, Dysfunction 
and Repair of Neural Circuits

September. PhD defense Yeping Zhou on MICAL signaling.

September. Sema7A in GnRH neuron migration in Human Mol Genetics.

August. Genetic study on angiogenin in ALS and PD in Ann Neurology.

August. Kinetic and spectroscopic study of MICAL-1 in ABB.

July. MICAL review in Cell Mol Life Sciences.

June. NEF grant for Pasterkamp lab on the role of microRNAs in epilepsy.

June. MICAL-1 in apoptosis in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

May. MICAL-3 in exocytosis in Current Biology.

AprilNCU grant for Pasterkamp lab on HC microscopy.



Dec. PBF project for Jeroen Pasterkamp and Leonard van den Berg.

November. A-P guidance in monoaminergic circuit development in J Neuroscience.

August. Neuropeptide delivery in the brain in BMC Neuroscience.

July. Semaphorins at the midline in Trends in Cell Biology.

June. Jeroen Pasterkamp and Jan Veldink receive a Thierry Latran Foundation grant.

March. A double hit mechanism in autism in Molecular Psychiatry.

Feb. FUS mutations in dutch ALS patients in Arch Neurology.

Jan. Three collaborative NCU grants for Pasterkamp Lab.


Dec. NEF project for Jeroen Pasterkamp, Pierre de Graan en Geert Ramakers.

Nov. MECP2 deficiency disrupts Semaphorin3F function in Mol Cell Neurosci.

Oct. Semaphorin3F is a bifunctional axon guidance cue in J Neuroscience.

Oct. Novel susceptibility loci in sporadic ALS in Nature Genetics.

Aug. Novel therapeutic targets in ALS in Progress Neurobiol.

June. Book: Dopamine neuron development and engineering, edited by RJ Pasterkamp a.o.

June. Semaphorin function in plasticity and disease in Curr Opin Neurobiol.

May. Pasterkamp lab participates in CTMM consortium 'Eminence'


Dec. Ruud Toonen, Jeroen Pasterkamp and Casper Hoogenraad receive a 5 year ZonMW TOP grant.

May. Ewoud Schmidt receives Top Talent grant from NWO.

May. Getting connected in the dopamine system in Progress Neurobiol.

April. Semaphorin signaling: progress made and promises ahead in Trends Biochem Sci.

March. Pasterkamp lab participates in FP7 collaborative project 'mdDANeurodev'


Aug. Semaphorin7A in axon guidance and neuronal migration in BMC Dev Biol.

June. Book: Semaphorins: Receptor and intracellular signaling mechanisms edited by RJ Pasterkamp.

May. Pasterkamp lab participates in TI Pharma project T5-207 on neurodegenerative disease.

April. Semaphorin7A in T-cell mediated inflammation in Nature.


July. Jeroen Pasterkamp receives 5 year VIDI grant from ZonMW.

Jan. MICAL expression patterns in Mol Cell Neuroscience.